I haven't really used HTML since like 2005, and I want to try doing that again for nostalgic reasons. Sometimes I still use old HTML stuff I know I probably shouldn't be using in my blog posts.r How embarassing! All of my friends are in the computer industry in some way or another, I feel like I should know better.

Everything is so sleek now, even this HTML editor is so fancy! I can even change how I want the editer to look, and it closes my tags automatically! Which I actually sort of hate because I obviously don't type things in that way, I type the text and then go in and add links and formatting. I assume that's what everyone does? I guess not! It's not really an authentic experience in this way, but it's still OK I guess.

I want to do this from scratch and make it be completely pointless and just totally mine. Although I don't know how to upload images... Maybe I do that somewhere else?

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I got my graphics from Backgrounds By Marie, which I found about about from One Terabyte of a Kilobyte Age. I'm using this HTML site to refresh my memory.

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